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The core of the house is your kitchen, where everyone gathers for good meals, to start the day, and to catch up after a long day. But if you make some typical cleaning blunders, it might also become a breeding ground for germs. For some lucky people, cleaning the kitchen can be relaxing, but for the majority of us, it’s one of the biggest downsides of making a delicious dinner and probably our least favorite step in the process. And regrettably, even some of our best kitchen cleaning efforts may not be benefiting us.

You might be correct if you believe you are cleaning your kitchen improperly. It might be challenging to keep this area of your house immaculate, especially if you cook every day. You can make your kitchen a safer environment to work in and eat in by using our advice. Check out some of the most frequent cleaning errors in the kitchen that might harm your health.

1. You Don’t Clean Your Kitchen From Top to Bottom

Have you ever washed and mopped your kitchen floors only to find that there are crumbs all over your countertops, forcing you to start over? You will spend much more time in the kitchen than necessary if you don’t clean your countertops before your floors. In order to avoid having to go back and clean your kitchen again, sweeping and mopping should be the last steps. Not following the proper cleaning technique is one of the worst blunders you can make when it comes to kitchen cleaning. It’s crucial to follow your cleaning schedule when you figure out the best way to keep your kitchen clean. You run the risk of having dirt and filth fall to the floor, for instance, if you clean the oven from the top down. Because of this, you should clean the flooring, counters, and sink. It is an easy technique to keep the surfaces clean and to stop dirt and grime from accumulating on them.

2. You Think Your Homemade Products Are More Powerful Than They Are

While utilizing more natural items in our homes is something we all support, vinegar has its limitations, especially in the kitchen’s germiest places. Replace the DIY cleaners with stronger ones like bleach and other disinfectants if you’re spending the time to thoroughly clean your kitchen. It’s vital to remember that some counters won’t benefit from being cleaned with vinegar or even vinegar-based treatments. Acidic foods like vinegar and lemon can harm stone countertops in particular.

3. You Only Use Disinfectant Wipes

Our discovery that our cherished antibacterial wipes aren’t as great as we believed they have greatly concerned us. According to research, our favorite “disinfecting wipes” may actually be spreading germs rather than disinfecting much at all.

Thankfully, research also provides us with a fix for this issue. When cleaning those countertops, microfiber towels are usually your best option because of how the fabric is weaved, which helps to better absorb spills and wick away germs. If you have a huge kitchen, you might only want to hire a few! This cleaning method is also far more sustainable and kinder to the environment.

4. Your Sink Hasn’t Been Cleaned in Months

Although it’s a rather disgusting habit, it’s widespread. As you finally empty up that jar of mysterious leftovers, the unclean dishes in your sink are breeding a veritable army of germs. Regular maintenance is required for both your sink and garbage disposal—at least once per week for the sink and once every two to three weeks for the disposal.

5. You Don’t Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

You should shake out the bristles on your broom, regularly change those kitchen sponges, and clean and sterilize your dishwashing equipment if you want your cleaning to be completely worth the effort. Put your dish scrubber in the dishwasher just before each cycle to make washing your cleaning tools much less of a hassle.

6. You Aren’t Washing Your Dish Towels Often Enough

When was the last time you washed the towels that are hanging from your oven? You might want to go ahead and throw them in right now if you can’t recall. A dish towel serves as the kitchen’s equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife, drying produce, dishes, and soiled hands. These towels get a lot of use, which means a lot of bacteria get on them. In order to prevent them from harming you and dispersing more germs, it is worth tossing them into your laundry whenever you are completing a load.

7. You Put Too Many Things in the Dishwasher

Please take the extra five minutes to hand-wash a kitchen knife, cast-iron skillet, or cutting board even though we know it’s 10 times simpler to just throw them in the dishwasher. Some cooking utensils aren’t made to resist the intense heat and prolonged immersion in the water of the dishwasher.

8. You Avoid Cleaning Your Kitchen

Even if you might be exhausted from preparing an evening meal after a long day at work, it will be worthwhile to clean the kitchen before watching your favorite program or putting the kids to bed. As stains develop, it will be more challenging to clean up spills and other debris that end up on your stovetop, in your burners, on the floor, or on your backsplash. Sitting down with a (relatively) clean kitchen at the end of a long day will be much more satisfying.

9. You Immediately Wash Your Pots and Pans

Okay, we have been told to clean up immediately, but this is an exception. Pots and pans must cool completely before being washed with soap and water to prevent warping. Since the pot or pan may wind up getting a little crooked and no longer rest firmly on the stove, this could really pose a severe safety risk. As you eat, allow your cookware to cool before using it again.

10. You Forget to Clean Certain Appliances

Some costly equipment, such as KitchenAid mixers and coffee makers, are left dirty for much longer than they should be, which may force you to invest in new ones sooner than you should have to. Even your dishwasher occasionally has to be cleaned!

Routine Cleaning and Sanitation: 09232022 BLOG POST RC

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