10 Areas in Your House that You Might Forget Cleaning

by routinecleaningandsanitation - March 11, 2022

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Even though you clean your home frequently, there are some areas that are all too easy to overlook. Professional cleaning companies have the capabilities to look further with all of the areas of your house. Here are the top 12 areas in your house that you might forget to clean:


  1. Light Switches

Germs love to live in light switches. Multiple people turn the switch on and off throughout the day and night. Even if you live alone, you bring viruses from other places into your home. Do not spray cleaner directly onto light switch plates when cleaning them. Clean with a microfiber towel after spraying.

  1. Door Knobs

We are constantly touching doorknobs. We walk in and out during the day, and all of our family members use door knobs to enter and exit rooms, and they can become clogged with dirt and bacteria from our hands.

  1. Bottles and Supplies for Cleaning

Cleaning with filthy materials will not result in a clean or disinfected property. After each cleaning, wash the microfiber towels. Wipe the outside of spray bottles to remove any cleaning solutions that have built up.

  1. Toilet Handle

Bathroom and toilet cleaning are crucial in the home, and dedicated days for bathroom cleaning should be set up. A filthy toilet will not only look horrible, but it will also smell bad and breed germs. Don’t forget to clean the toilet handle when you’re cleaning. In the bathroom, we use the toilet handle the most, followed by the faucet handle.

  1. Shower Glass

When we bathe, contaminants such as soap scum, filth, dirt, and hair attach to the glass and go unseen most of the time. Make it a point to clean this glass this time—it may appear clean to the untrained eye, but it is far from it.

  1. Bed Mattress

Did you know that one of the dirtiest items in the bedroom is the bed mattress? This is due to the presence of germs, dust mites, and bed bugs, which feed on dandruff or dead skin if the mattress is not vacuumed on a regular basis. Sweat, body oils, drink spills, and other food spills can potentially taint the mattress.

  1. Microwave

Despite the fact that a microwave heats at a very high temperature, it may contain a variety of germs. This is due to the possibility of fluids splattering all over the microwave while heating or germs spreading while defrosting various types of meat.

  1. Baseboards

Baseboards almost certainly ring your entire home, yet you probably never notice them! Give them a thorough dusting with a dry microfiber cloth before scrubbing away filth with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and warm water for a deep clean.

  1. Trash cans

It’s crucial to clean the bottom and sides of your garbage can on a regular basis to keep mold and other toxins from growing there. It may be easier to release the debris with an outdoor hose, then disinfect with a disinfectant spray and scrub with a clean toilet brush.

  1. Lampshades

Lampshades attract dust and filth like a magnet. However, because most people forget to clean them, all that dust could be hurting the quality of your light and air. Depending on the fabric of your lampshade, you may need to employ quite particular cleaning procedures.

  1. Dishwasher

Your dishwasher may leave your dishes spotless, but it isn’t self-cleaning. If you haven’t cleaned your dishwasher in a while, you may need to spend some time scrubbing the filters and loosening old food and filth. Simply set your washer to the hottest setting and add a powerful cleaning solution like baking soda.

  1. Cabinet/Drawer Handles

When we clean and disinfect, we often overlook handles, but we reach into them in our bedrooms to get dressed and in other areas of our homes to locate goods. When we don’t wipe down handles, they can become sticky when handled over time.

There are also some items in this infographics not in the list above. You may also consider cleaning these spots in order to assure that your home is well-cleaned and sanitized. If you are from Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, feel free to contact us at 240-312-8585 for your cleaning concerns. You may also instantly book your cleaning appointment on our website.

Neglected areas you should considered cleaning

Neglected areas you should consider cleaning