5 Things You Should Do Before your House Cleaners Arrives

by routinecleaningandsanitation - December 10, 2021

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Cleaning your house clean is very essential. It can control our mood and emotion all the time. Having a clean house after a tiring work can really relieve our stress. If there is something that we cannot do after a tiring week, surely it is cleaning our home!
Because of that, hiring a cleaning service is essential for those people who do not have enough time cleaning their home. If this is your first time hiring for a cleaning service, you are not familiar with what things you will prepare and the main things that you will consider before the cleaning service. We listed 5 things you should do before your house cleaners arrives at your house.

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1. Enlist areas on your home you want them to focus on.
There are certain areas on our home that you want them to give more attention. Before they arrive, you should make sure to go around your house and list what are the things you want to do on that particular area. As deep cleaning is the more detail cleaning and every area will surely be covered, enlisting areas will be essential if you acquire standard cleaning service.
If ever you are not at home, make sure to leave a note. Call the office or the personnel prior to the schedule in order to notify them that you have a note for them and where you have placed the note.

2. Secure your personal belongings
You would only want yourself to handle your personal belongings. Personal belongings include cash, branded bags and shoes, passport, and jewelry. Anything that can be stolen, you should secure it before cleaners arrive.
Make sure you’ve examined the house for any belongings you don’t want to be misplaced before the cleaning crew arrives. Remove them from areas such as the dining room table and other spots where they may be loitering. This way, when the cleaning service is tidying up, the item won’t end up wherever it doesn’t belong.

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3. Place your pets in a safe place
Every cleaning business has its own set of pet policies. While the cleaning is being done, some firms are fine with friendly dogs or cats strolling around the house. Other businesses require that any animals be kept in a container or other secure location. Some companies also provide pet care as one of their add-ons. They can clean up the mess they made when the cleaning starts. If you have a pet with aggressive behavior, they should be placed on a different location in order for the cleaners to move and clean freely.
During a house cleaning, your pets may get in the way, especially if they follow your cleaner every now and then. Because your house cleaning may have allergies or phobias, it’s best to be considerate and keep the pets tucked away until they’re done.

4. Get rid of clutter
Laundry is usually not included in cleaning services. It’s advisable to pick up any dirty clothes, linens, or other objects that are lying around the house.  You should pick up the clutter and carefully store them before cleaning day.
Take a look around the room to see what has accumulated. Make sure everything is in the washer or a hamper in the bathroom, bedroom, or laundry room. After the cleaning crew has completed their work, putting the goods in one location allows you to relax and enjoy your freshly cleaned home. It’s easy to toss this here and that there, but clearing your space of clutter will assist the cleaner finish their task much faster.

5. Clear away dirty dishes
House cleaners will not take care of your dishes if you acquire for standard cleaning service. Some cleaning companies include this in their add-ons to have additional charge for the cleaners to take care of it.
Most house cleaners do not wash dishes or deal with food spills unless otherwise ordered. It will be much easier for your pro to clean your sink and the surrounding surfaces if you wash and put away your dirty dishes. You won’t have any additional chores to worry about after everything is gleaming clean.

Routine cleaning and sanitation team are very much willing to help you with your cleaning needs. We do prioritize your cleaning needs and make sure that we accomplish cleaning task all the time. If your house is located on Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland, feel free to contact us for your cleaning concern. You may reach us at 240-312-8585 for an immediate response.