by routinecleaningandsanitation - September 14, 2022

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In our dreams, our house is always spotless, loaded with food and drink, and prepared to host unexpected or planned visitors. The truth is that most homes could use a little cleaning and updating to appear their best before visitors arrive. If your house isn’t constantly spotless, your ability to clean depends directly on how much time you have before guests arrive.

Let’s imagine that if you know several weeks in advance that you’ll be hosting visitors, you’ll have enough time to thoroughly clean and handle all of the regular housekeeping tasks. Even if you only have a day or two before everyone arrives, you can give the impression that your home is clean.

1. Clean and Sweep the Entrance

Whether they enter through the front or back door, visitors will first notice your foyer. Spend a few minutes clearing the area of trash and shaking the welcome mat. To create the impression that your property is clean, swiftly wipe away fingerprints and smudges from glass doors. Don’t forget to scan the space immediately inside the door. Make room in the coat closet for visitors’ coats, put the mail in a drawer, and organize the shoes in a basket.

2. Clean up and organize the living area

Focus on the area where your buddies generally congregate after the entrance. Grab a box or laundry basket and move clockwise around the room gathering up anything that is adding to the clutter. Straighten, fluff, and fold throws as you walk around the room. Always have a microfiber duster to rapidly dust shelves and tables.

3. Shine up the guest bathroom

A messy bathroom communicates “yuck” more than anything else. Visitors will be more willing to overlook some little squalor in the rest of the house if the toilet is kept tidy. Sweep personal belongings into the medicine cabinet or a drawer. Grab some cleaning wipes, then clean the sinks and counters. Make sure the toilet is sparkling, and clean the mirrors. Make sure there is plenty of toilet paper on hand, fresh hand towels, and soap are available or make sure the soap dispenser is full. Sweep and mop the bathroom floor if you have time. It’s critical to make sure your bathroom is prepared for partygoers because it is a frequently utilized section of the house. How much toilet paper do you have on hand? Are the showers sanitary for overnight visitors? Don’t forget to take these precautions when setting up your venue for the event.

4. Clean up and organize the kitchen

Everyone spends time in the kitchen, so be sure to load the dishwasher, wash the sink, or, in a true emergency, conceal the dirty dishes in the oven! Clear the counters of as much clutter as you can, then clean them with a disinfectant wipe. Wipe the sink clean, then wipe the fingerprints off the appliances. If you have time, immediately sweep or vacuum the floor and wipe down any noticeable filth with a moist mop. 

5. Clean up the bedrooms and replace the bedding

If you have the time, tidy up the bedrooms by making the beds, hiding any clutter, and closing the closets and drawers. Dust the furniture and vacuum the floors. If you don’t have time, shut the bedroom door. Make sure the bed has fresh sheets and there are fresh towels accessible if guests will be staying the night. Make space in the closet for them to hang their clothing and a place for their suitcase.

6. Vacuum or Damp Mop Floors

At eye level, most people take a general picture of space. There is less emphasis on the floor if the space has been organized and the clutter is gone. However, it’s always a good idea to sweep, vacuum, or damp mop the floors if you have the time.If you have the time, sprinkle dry baking soda on carpets and let it sit there for at least 30 minutes to absorb odors. The carpet will look and smell better as you vacuum it up. As you vacuum, keep a duster nearby to take care of spiderwebs and apparent dust.

7. Freshen the Air

Each of us grows accustomed to the typical smell of our house. However, some people might not enjoy that smell, so you might wish to freshen the air. To remove scents from cooking and pets, open windows and turn on vents if you have the time. Empty trash cans, use an odor-trapping fabric refresher, burn scented candles, or switch on a diffuser that uses essential oils. Making some cookies is a trick that every real estate agent is aware of. Keep a roll of cookie dough on hand so that you can welcome guests with a delicious aroma and a treat.

8. Add a few finishing touches

When everything is in order, light a candle, play some music, and look around for some clean glasses or cups so you may serve your friends some drinks. To enjoy spending time with you and your family, the company has come to visit, so try to unwind and keep your mind on that. And most importantly, you succeeded! Before the doorbell rings, try to brew a pot of coffee and have a moment to yourself. Even though it may have been a sudden fit of insanity, the time has come to enjoy your friends’ company and graciously accept all of their comments on the house.

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Here are some pointers to keep in mind so you may make the most of your limited cleaning time.

  • Focus on the places your visitors will inevitably use, such as the living room, restrooms, and bedrooms for overnight visitors. Don’t start cleaning the laundry room or other places they won’t see.
  • Get the whole family involved. Young youngsters can assist. Assign tasks that can be completed at the same time. While one person declutters, the other can vacuum.
  • Work swiftly and use as little effort as possible to achieve the most impact. Instead of cleaning the oven, remove the clutter. Put the mess in a laundry basket and tuck it away in a closet if you don’t have time to organize and store it all.

Routine Cleaning can give you not only a sparkling-clean home but also peace of mind and extra time for the important things in life. Having your family and friends around can be so extra special so why not spend more time planning while you leave the cleaning with us? Visit our website https://routinecleaningandsanitation.com/booking-page/ or call (240) 312-8585