8 Best Ways to Clean your Home When Moving Out of your House

by routinecleaningandsanitation - March 3, 2022

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Are you moving out of your house or apartment rentals soon? Cleaning your former apartment may be the last thing on your mind, but it is really an important thing that you should do on your apartment moving checklist as anything else, especially if you intend (or hope) to get your deposit back. It should be your responsibility to do the moving out cleaning yourself or hire a professional cleaning company to do the cleaning for you.

Moving out is really a stressful thing to do and moving your belongings and items is almost a hard thing to do. In order to feel relax after moving your belongings into your new home, hiring a professional cleaning service is a smart thing to do.

Cleaning companies with professional cleaners are knowledgeable of the things that must be done for a move out cleaning. They follow a certain checklist consist of the task or routines that they should do during the cleaning. It is a very much detailed form of cleaning as move out cleaning is like readying the area for the next occupant. You can also find too much mess, dirt and dust when you already move your appliances and items on your new home. You can see that certain spaces have dust buildup which you only see after you move your items.

Here are the things you should check to make sure your apartment or house is clean and readily available for the next occupant:

  1. All of your personal belongings should be taken away, move it now on your new house

Move out cleaning should be done after your belongings have been moved to your new place. It is really hard to do move out cleaning with your belongings still on the same house. It will not be considered as move out cleaning as it should be an empty house before the cleaners arrive at your location. To begin, remove all personal belongings from the house. Everything from furniture and closet items to shelving and wall art falls under this category.

  1. Clean inside cabinets

Remember to clean the insides of all cabinets. Food crumbs and other debris from food and culinary ingredients tend to build in kitchen cabinets in particular.

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  1. Wipe down oven and stovetop

The stovetop is one of the places where food residue tends to accumulate. Remove the top component of the range and clean underneath all burners if you have a gas range. This one is a little bit hard to clean as it can have dry and hard food buildup with rust. Cleaning companies uses a cleaning agent in order to eliminate it faster.

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  1. Refrigerator and freezer should be cleaned and sanitized

Start cleaning by emptying the fridge and freezer of any remaining items. A disinfectant spray should be used to wipe down all surfaces. Make careful to get rid of any leftover food crumbs as well.

  1. Wipe down appliances

Fingerprints and marks accumulate on stainless steel equipment over time. Wipe off your refrigerator with an all-purpose spray or a vinegar and water solution. Remember to clean and wipe off the microwave as well.

  1. Wipe down and dust surfaces

Wipe off kitchen counters, bathroom countertops, bookshelves, windowpanes, fireplace mantles, and other hard surfaces with an all-purpose surface cleaner and a roll of paper towels or a clean cloth.

  1. Clear out your closets

Make careful to clean off closet shelves and hanging rods after you’ve emptied all your clothes and accessories. Vacuum the closet floors as well.

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  1. Vacuum floors

Vacuum the entire house one last time. Vacuum closets, stairs, nooks, and other hard-to-reach spots as well.

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