8 Smart and Informative Ways to Clean your AirBnB for your Next Client

by routinecleaningandsanitation - March 4, 2022

clean your airbnb


BnB owner should retain the cleanliness of their rentals right after a customer left the area. A tidy environment makes guests happy and receives positive feedback. Having a clean rental will have you more clients, it invites guests to keep coming and renting your place.

What are the basic things that we do to clean your AirBnB rentals?

Here are some of the tasks that you should do to clean your AirBnB and have it ready for your next client!

Open the windows for ventilation. The first step in cleaning your home is to open the windows. This will eliminate any lingering odors from previous visitors. Regular ventilation in your flat will aid in the destruction of germs and the maintenance of great air quality.

clean your airbnb

First, fill the washing machine. It is a very smart thing to do first is to go into the bedroom to remove all the bed linens and also to the bathroom to collect all of the towels. You should load them into the washing machine while you work on the other areas of the house. It is highly advisable to do it and it will save you a lot of time.

Look under the beds and in the drawers by the bedside. Make sure to see if there are items left by the visitor. Cleaners should notify the visitor if ever they have things left in the area. This is also for you to gain their trust and continue the good customer-owner relationship.

 Make sure the kitchen is clean. Although it is necessary to clean the kitchen, many people seem to miss the refrigerator. Always remember to clean the refrigerator every time a customer leaves the area. Nobody wants to go into the fridge looking for a quick bite only to find a left-over meal! Leaving tea bags or charcoal in the refrigerator to reduce odors is an easy technique to make your refrigerator smell wonderful.

Dust should be nowhere to be found. Dust may be found practically everywhere. Make it a point to clean every corner of the area as possible as you can. Cleaning from top to bottom; starting with the highest corner or furniture and working your way down to the floor, can effectively eliminate the most dust particles. You may not want to have your customer check each furniture and find out that there’s a lot of dust particles on it.

Sanitize door knobs, light switches and keys. These are the common things, areas or items that your customer handle. It is with your so much responsibility to have it clean or sanitize before the next customer use it. This is to implore safety protocols and avoid the spread of viruses. The aforementioned items are most likely forgotten to be clean as we didn’t even notice them a lot. Rubbing an all-purpose cleaner or an alcohol can help to sanitize these items.

Refill the necessary items. It’s good to have fresh bathroom accessories. A full and closed bottle gives the impression that the guest is the first to use it.

Garbage should be taken out. No garbage should be left behind. Make sure to remove trash in the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. You may encounter unwanted smell on the trash bins so you should clean it and disinfect to eliminate odors.

clean your airbnb

When you require assistance, seek it out.

If you know you won’t be able to complete all of the cleaning yourself, contact a professional and give them specific instructions. Is there a different approach to handle the workload? Allow ample time between reservations to clean thoroughly before the next visitor arrives. Updating your reservation settings to block time between reservations is a good idea. Clean your AirBnB with professional cleaning company and get a stress-free experience.

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