Deep Cleaning vs. Standard Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

by routinecleaningandsanitation - December 1, 2021

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Cleaning companies provide a wide range of services. You can select between deep clean and a standard clean when it comes to house cleaning. You should understand the differences between the two before calling a cleaning business to request for a cleaning service. It can be difficult to decide which of these two cleaning services you need without a basis to compare them. This blog will give you a preview of standard and deep cleaning so you can find the best housekeeping service for your needs and budget.

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What is Standard Cleaning?

When you request a service and select a regular cleaning, you will be receiving a service that consists of simple cleaning activities that you can accomplish on a weekly basis. Standard cleaning services are typically less expensive, but regular cleaning is based on a schedule and focuses on keeping your residential home free from mess. The schedule varies according to your preferences. If you are a large home family and all are working, you can definitely choose a weekly schedule for a weekly cleaning in order to eliminate unwanted dust and odor on your home’s surroundings.

When do you need a Standard Cleaning?

Standard cleaning is great for people who wish to use a professional cleaning service to keep up with their cleaning demands on a regular basis. For individuals who are too busy to clean themselves or have large families with multiple children, hiring a professional to handle the cleaning for you is ideal.

What’s included in Standard Cleaning?

When you hire professional cleaning service for a “standard cleaning,” you may expect them to do the same things you do on a weekly basis. A regular clean is intended to aid in the maintenance of a specified level of cleanliness in your home.

When you availed for Routine Cleaning and Sanitation’s standard cleaning, the cleaning crews will accomplish the following:

  • Dusting of lamps, lampshades, furniture, picture frames, window sills, light fixtures, ceiling fans and vents
  • Vacuum, sweep and mop floors
  • Empty trash and replace liner
  • Clean mirrors and surfaces
  • Clean appliance exteriors (including interior upon request)
  • Clean interior and exterior of microwave
  • Thoroughly clean kitchen and bathroom sinks and faucets
  • Clean and disinfect counters and backsplash
  • Clean tables and chairs
  • Clean tub, shower, toilets and vanity exteriors
  • Fold and hang towels neatly in the bathroom
  • Make beds (with fresh linens upon request and if left on beds)
  • Wipe outside of cabinets
  • Remove cobwebs

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What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning focuses on more details than standard cleaning. When we undertake a deep clean, we make sure to wipe everything down twice and sanitize everything within our reach and all of the surfaces. Deep cleanings are more expensive, but they pay more attention to detail when cleaning than standard cleaning processes. The cleaners will literally remove all the dirt that is supposed to be clean on the four corners of your home.

When do you need a Deep Cleaning?

As stated above, deep cleaning is the same as standard cleaning but with a more detailed approach. Deep cleaning is required if it’s your first time to use a cleaning service. After that, you can perform this kind of cleaning service every six months. 

What’s included in Deep Cleaning?

Deep Cleaning service of Routine Cleaning and Sanitation team consist of the tasks stated above in standard cleaning. In addition to it, our deep cleaning service also includes:

  • Clean baseboards
  • Dust furniture within reach (top, front underneath)
  • Dust picture frames
  • Dust light fixtures, ceiling fans and vents
  • Heavy scrub of sinks
  • Heavy scrub of stovetop
  • Clean/disinfect/polish sinks faucets
  • Heavy scrub of bathtub/shower
  • Heavy scrub of bathroom tiles
  • Clean tub, shower door and inside of shower
  • Clean and polish counter top, sinks and faucets
  • Clean inside refrigerator
  • Clean inside oven
  • Clean inside cabinets drawers

Which cleaning service is best for you?

Typically, when you inquire for a cleaning service and you let them clean your house for the first time, deep cleaning is the one they are requiring. After that, standard cleaning is the one you should be availing for the succeeding cleaning appointments. You can schedule the standard cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. 

If you are looking for a professional cleaning service that can attend to your deep cleaning and standard cleaning concerns, do not hesitate to reach us. Contact us at 240-312-8585 or visit our website at