Keep your Kitchen Clean with These 8 Tips

by routinecleaningandsanitation - December 17, 2021

A picture of a Kitchen with blog title Keep your kitchen clean with these 8 Tips

One of the busiest areas in our home is the kitchen. It is where we prepare our foods- plan our meals, bake for special occasions, store foods and organize kitchenware.  Here are the 8 tips we have in order to keep your kitchen clean at all times.
1. Keep it organize.
Make sure you have a place for every kitchen ware you have such as pot, pan, knife, and spatula in the kitchen. Keep all of your utensils together in a pot or on hooks. Organizing your kitchen will make it look cleaner right away and help you maintain it tidy.
Do you enjoy collecting spices from around the world? Shot glasses, perhaps? Wine? Feel free to continue collecting, but invest in the necessary tools to make your collection more organized. To keep things in reach but out of the way, invest in a rotating spice rack, a wine cooler, or a china cabinet.
2. Get rid of anything you don’t need.
The average kitchen has an accumulation of different cooking wares that are never utilized. As a result, drawers, cupboards, and worktops get congested. Make it a rule to get rid of anything that hasn’t been utilized in a year. You can give it away, donate it, or toss it to the curb if it’s in bad shape! Maintain a clutter-free, orderly, and tidy environment.
Trash can3. Maintain easy access to the garbage can.
The garbage can should never be placed under the kitchen sink. If it’s not easily accessible, you’ll end up leaving things on the counter, where they’ll be forgotten. You won’t have to empty the garbage can as often if you switch to a self-contained, foot-operated trash can. Do you have a problem with garbage can odors? To catch drips, place newspaper at the bottom coated with baking soda. When you take out the trash, replace it.
4. Remember to CLAYGO (Clean as you go)
When cooking, it’s a good idea to put things away as you go. Put items away as you use them instead of keeping them out on your counter.
If you have any food spillage upon using your kitchen, consider cleaning it before you leave. Again, this may seem like a no-brainer for keeping the kitchen clean, but life is rarely that straightforward, and spillages might be overlooked when hurrying out the door. The truth is that cleaning up a kitchen spill as soon as it occurs is far easier than cleaning it up later when it has dried-on any surface.
rag with sprinkler wiping kitchen5. Wipe off surfaces on a regular basis!
Make it a practice to wipe clean your counters with hot, soapy water every day. Remove any food spillage and grime before they have a chance to multiply and build up! Surface grit may not be visible, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there, so be diligent in your surface cleaning. Daily cleaning of counters, weekly cleaning of floors and appliances, and monthly cleaning of cupboards and high-level ledges are all recommended.
6. Put it back in if you take it out.
This suggestion may appear easy, yet many surfaces become cluttered and strewn about as a result of coffee filters and condiments being left out. Make it a habit to return goods to their rightful location as soon as possible after use. In the long term, this will save both space and time.
Micorwav7. When using the microwave, keep the food covered.
Covering your food while cooking in the microwave is the simplest and most effective approach to avoid food splatters. To avoid food exploding in the microwave, use a microwave cover or a piece of kitchen roll. Cleaning the microwave will be much easier with this simple procedure, and it will also help you keep the kitchen clean.

Special Tip #8. Schedule your cleaning with Routine Cleaning and Sanitation.
If you have no time in cleaning your kitchen and any other areas in your home, feel free to contact Routine Cleaning and Sanitation. We will make sure to clean every area on your home perfectly. Text us at 240-312-8585 or visit our website